1. Know your audience - “know the why” behind creating your brochure and what you want it to accomplish. With knowing, it will help with messaging and executing that message.

2. Make that first impact – the cover of your company brochure is the first thing people see. It will determine whether or not they bother opening it. So your brochure cover should be captivating and pristine 

3. White is friendly - If your brochure appears loud and busy, the eye will have no path to follow. Sometimes all it takes is one image, or message, to get the word across. Keep it simple!

4. Creative typography – Overdoing this can come across as inexperienced or unprofessional. The new Dubai Font anyone? Clearly Microsoft thought this through, the gap identified in simplicity, unified with color or style, contrast is good and keep it legible. Just saying!

5. Break perspectives – Just like a restaurant menu, break perspective and traditional expectations to surprise and delight customers.

6. Address your reader - Make sure the call to action is visible, concise and doesn’t require work on behalf of the customer. Remember that there are things like new & long-term customers money cannot buy you, but Print Online can help you realise them for a long time to come.