For businesses, a letterhead that features your branding gives you one more way to impress clients and make your company more memorable.

The nice thing about creating a letterhead is that it can be applied to digital documents, emails, newsletters, invoices, thank-you notes, and more can all benefit from a well-designed letterhead. Here are some few tips from

  •  Keeping it simple doesn’t mean you lack the skills for something more complex. It suggests a class and shows that you know exactly what you want to get across.
  • Designing your letterhead is crucial, and we help you in this process using the most appropriate software
  • We’ll help you come up with a design that is informative and useful, and not just pretty or eye-catching.
  • Too much color can have a negative effect on your reader. We’ll guide you where color is needed or could work well with your text.
  • The positioning of your letterhead should be well connected with the overall philosophy of your company, and compliment the other stationery promotion tools that your brand is using. We will help you consider all of the options before settling.

When planning to customize your own letterhead think

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