With evolving trends, it’s encouraged for all exhibitors to be innovative when it comes to presentation and design.

 Tips coming from PrintOnline.ae how to keep things fresh when it comes to trade show stands.

  • Stand Out - Find a common thread among competitors and offer a new and unique experience for customers. Whether it means hiring performers for entertainment, running your own game competitions and engaging customers with your products for sales, anything that gets people involved. There’s nothing more rewarding than sharing the enthusiasm for your brand in a unique way.
  • Captivating Design - Take into account your target audience, what services/products you need to push forward and what methods you want to use when it comes to showcasing them. Being creative with design, using awesome graphics and visual merchandising all contribute greatly when it comes to your stand.
  • Use Technology sensibly - Showcasing video content can strike up a conversation between you and a potential client. It will entice the customer to know your story, especially if the video brings forward a positive message and uses the right kind of music. Being one step ahead in trade show marketing is always beneficial for any company.


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