Flyers are one of the best ways to market your business.

From the first phone call to shipping your order out, wants to make sure you get everything you need to make not just your brochure, but your company, a success.


Here’s what you should avoid doing:

1. Stick to the age-old adage: Throwing paragraphs of text across your brochure panels without any visual aid is the quickest way to lose your reader.

2. Design plays a major role: Use the best of the design which look attractive and meaningful. Feel free to use free design assistance provided by with every order.

3. All feature, no benefit: what if all the fancy features of your product don’t fall into that category of customers? Food for thought. Hit on the target market well.

4. Listening to the need: Think about your customer and center your brochure on the problem you solve for them, not the product you do it with. Listening to them is very important.

5. Trying to say it all: is the same as a bad resume. Your brochure should be an overview, not an anthology.


Do remember all of this next time as our designers do.

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