Printed leaflets are a fundamental of the marketing mix. Whether a stand-alone leaflet promotions or as part of larger marketing campaigns, leaflets are and will remain an immensely popular form of advertising; in diverse shapes and sizes. Good leaflets work but poorly conceived and printed leaflets are discarded immediately or ignored completely.

So remember the three essentials:

1. Grab attention - the cover design and headline must be attention grabbing or no one will bother to read your leaflet.

2. Generate interest - a professionally designed engaging content, well-written (just like this blog ) will make sure your brand, product or service stands out.

3. Call to action - your leaflet should persuade its reader to act; contacting you for more details, visit your premises, viewing your online store or simply registering for information.


Do remember all this as our design team does while desigining artworks free for you!

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