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Personalized Company Stamps - (Small - Rectangle) - Mandatory Valid UAE Trade License

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Personalized Company Stamps - (Small - Rectangle) - Mandatory Valid UAE Trade License
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Quick and easy automatic stamps
Trade License copy is required if the Stamps prints Companys name
Emirates ID of the person who is placing the order, is required.
Signature Stamps require High Quality Signature Photo and
Passport Copy and ID of the person

We don’t make Govt. Dept., School, College, Banks, Financial Institutions, Fake, Duplicat, Illegal and Other Countries Stamps.

Available in various Shapes and Sizes


Q) Is the Trade License Mandatory?
A) Trade License and Emirates ID copies are mandatory in case of Company Name Stamps.

Q) I have a company of another country and do have a trade license, Can I make this stamp with you?
A) Sorry, Only UAE Companies Stamps can be made with us.

Q) I have Expired Trade Lincese, Can I still make the Trade License?
A) Sorry, Only Valid trade licenses can be used for stamp making.

Q) I want a little change in the name of the company as in trade license, is it doable?
A) Sorry, the name on the trade license should appear as is, any change is not doable.

Q) Do you still need the trade license copy, even if I don't want to mention any company name in the stamp?
A) No, we don't the the TL copy if the name of the company is not included in the stamp impression.

Q) Can you replicate my old stamp design as is 100% same?
A) We can try as close as possible, the hi res logo or the old Font etc. have to be submitted from you, though we don't guarantee of matching it 100%

Q) Can you make a stamp of my signature?
A) Yes, we can, the hi res scanned (photo) of the signature is required from your side and do select the appropriate size of the stamp as per the dimensions of your signature.

Q) What document do you need for signature stamp?
A) The Valid passport copy and Valid Emirates ID copy must be submitted.

Q) What color impression I will get in the stamp?
A) We provide "Blue" Color by default, but you can ask for another ink (Green, Red, Black) as well at some extra cost.

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