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Get an Appealing Colorful Cartoon or Black and White Line Art Made for Merchandise - Display Pictures - Wall Papers

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Product Code: CARTOON_FV_VIRT#01
Get an Appealing Colorful Cartoon or Black and White Line Art Made for Merchandise - Display Pictures - Wall Papers
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Final Acceptance of the instructions depends on artist (might cost extra fees if the artists decides so)

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Art made by : pancaproduction

Make an art and add a spark to your personalized merchandises like
Mugs, Mobile Covers, T-shirts, Puzzles, New Year Diaries or Calendars, Coasters, Canvas, Rock Photos, Key Chains, Fridge Magnets, Badges, Bags, Pillow Covers, Shape Cut Stickers for Vehicles etc..

Options : Only Face / Half Body / Full Body


Q. What do I need to submit
A. Your Required Photo.

Q. What will I get?
A. You will get a soft copy of the photo in cartoon style .

Q. Does it need to be a H-Q- Professional photo
A. Doesn't matter, The photo should be only clearly visible to the artist.

Q. What if I don't like the art made by the artist, Can I change the photo?
A. Submitting a new photo is considered a new job and has to be paid separately again.

Q. What if I don't like the art made by the artist, will I get any refund?
A. It's same like portrait artists in carnivals, you still have to pay the artist even if you don't like it. Same way it is a non-refundable product.

Q. What if I have a photo with more than one picture like with my family or friends?
A. Each person's (individual) will be calculated for 1 order. For example a picture of husband and wife has to be paid for 2 orders.

Q. Can I ask for any revision, if I did not like the art?
A. Yes you can, but it is totally depended upon the approval of the artist, if it can be done free of cost or at an extra fees and same amount of extra time without any compensation.

Q. How perfect the art will be, Will I be happy and satisfied in the end?
A. We do not guarantee any such commitments as these things are totally subjective, you may or may not be satisfied. The art is made just for fun activities and not for presentation or resale or any other serious purposes, kindly avoid placing the order if you have any such high-end or specific requirement, as this product is under No-remake and No-refund policy.

Q. Can I use the art for commercial purpose?
A. Sorry, The art is licensed for personal use (by default) like personal merchandises or selfies etc. However the commercial (resale or mass production) license can be obtained from the artist after paying commercial fees (available in the options above).

Q. Will I get the file, if yes then which format?
A. Yes, you are entitled to get your file, which you can use for your personal purpose (unless licensed for commercial). A4 Size JPG 300 DPI file is by default, and you can also have a vector file if you opt for that which is available at extra cost (check the above options)

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