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Personalized Sweat Activated Tshirts

Product Code: SWT_TSHIRTS#02_SU
Personalized Sweat Activated Tshirts
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Custom Sweat Tshirts for Gym

  • SWEAT WITH STYLE - What started out as a casual grey shirt becomes an indicator of how hard you've worked out today. As you sweat, the cloth darkens and a funny yet cool design reveals itself.
  • MOTIVATE YOURSELF - You may not see results in your body right away but seeing it on your clothes is a great way to motivate yourself. Work hard at the gym until your shirt says "You Can Go Home Now".
  • INSPIRE OTHERS - Sweating during workouts and weight lifting has never been this inspiring to others. As other people see the message, they also see how hard you've worked to acquire a fit body.
  • COMFORTABLE ACTIVE WEAR - Our fitted sleeve t-shirts are comfy enough for sports activities, exercise routines, marathon events, yoga sessions, athletic performances, or for any warm, summer day.
  • FUN GIFT IDEA - Tired of the usual Crossfit type athletic fashion apparel? Inspire a friend, a gym buddy, or any dude you know who could use a fun present such as this sweat-activated men's shirt.

Print Area 1Feet in hight.

Good quality fitness wear

Front side print only.

Color Option:  Grey / Cream / Deep Yellow

DO NOT IRON OR USE BLEACH OR FABRIC SOFTNER, It may damage the invisible print. Do not use a dryer. Wash with cold water and regular detergent only

Technical Limitation:
1% Visibility (Almost invisible) of the Message even in dry form.
Watch the below video of a real sweat-activated print Tshirt
Usually lasts longer and we have tested it up to 10 washes, but we don't provide any fixed timeline or guarantee for this print to last as this also depends upon the handling of the t-shirt from the user side.
Wash normally, without bleach and in cold or luke-warm water, avoiding these instructions might reduce the life of the print.


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