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AURA - The all in one office and home unit.

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Product Code: 1_GS1_GNS#CP350
AURA - The all in one office and home unit.
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The powerful speaker boasts rich and booming sound making any office room sound like a private recording studio.

The NFC function enables you to pair your phone with the Bluetooth speaker in a flash by simply tapping your phone on the NFC logo on the device, while still supporting Aux input for the more traditional phones and MP3 devices.

The innovative QI standard wireless charging station serves as a comfortable spot for your smart phone to rest and recuperate, while still allowing your companion devices to be charged from the additional USB port provided.

The seamless digital display in the front allows you to view the time while still maintaining the arty sheep and feel of Aura.

The alarm function remind you when you have that important meeting with a client that you can’t be late for.

The controls on the top and back provide all the standard functions for the block and Bluetooth speaker creating a more user friendly experience.

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