1. Charts and graphs Customers ideally respond to visually appealing, clean, and simple charts and graphs that compare your different tiers of products and services, your company's benefits to those of your competitors, and that convey other important information. Charts and graphs can, at a glance, show customers which product is best-suited to them; why you are better than your competitors; or in the case of finance-related companies, why they should consider investing now to ensure a secure future, for example.

2. Customer benefits Concentrate on telling customers how you will solve their problems rather than showcasing how many awards your company has won. When you can do that, you can realize excellent return on investment from your brochure printing campaigns.

3. A special, time-limited offer Calling a number for a free consultation is not an offer, it's an expectation. In order to maximize your return on investment, you may want to include a special, time-limited and target offer your customers will want to take advantage of.