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Exhibition Stands (Shell Scheme Panel Branding)

Product Code: SHL_SCH#01_Pun_eet
Exhibition Stands (Shell Scheme Panel Branding)
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Seamless Panel will have overlapping sections (1cm covering each other) (Each panel 300cm W = 100cmx3 panels)

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Starting From:



Suitable for :

  • Full panel Foam Board branding
  • 3x2 / 3x3 / 3x4 panel Forex branding

Other details :

  • Seamless Branding with 10mm Foam Board
  • Panel Branding with 3mm Forex with packing
  • CMYK, 4Color Print
  • H240cms x W 95 each panel or 3 Meter Seamless
  • Cost doesn't include installation.
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