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Take or Leave 1000 Business Cards 79 Dhs

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Product Code: TLC
Take or Leave 1000 Business Cards 79 Dhs
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Please add the card in shopping cart once more if the quantity is 2000, and same for even more quantity.

After the artwork approval, Excluding Holidays and Shipping Time

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350gsm Art Card Material

Size : 90 x 55 mm

Material base color: White

We don't offer free design services for this product. We offer an editing service only, in your existing file which is also paid (we may not be able to arrange the same font while editing, please do not choose an editing service if you want the same font or logo editing). We do not offer logo editing services. The background color of the card cannot be changed from our end if the source file is unsuitable for it.

If you choose to pay for editing service, do note we would not be providing you any soft copy of the file, which may be available at additional cost depending on the designer's design hours and efforts.

Standard Delivery Shipping Time, For few options 3-5 days, for others 7 working days.

Additional 1-2 days might be required by courier.

MOQ : 1000 (each name or data) eg.. 1 person x 1000 nos is appropriate, but 5 persons x 200 nos, 2 persons x 500 cards etc.. is not accepted.

File format needs to be in Vector (Pdf, Ai, EPS) only. If in any other format, please select design editing required

Options :

350 gsm : Without Lamination / With Matte Lamination Options

760 gsm : Only Available with Velvet and Glossy Lamination Options

Gold Foil : Only Available with Velvet Lamination + Spot UV Combination + Rounded Corners Options

Spot UV : Only Available with Matt Or Velvet Lamination + Rounded Corners Options

Velvet Lamination : Only Available with Spot UV + Rounded Corners OR Spot UV + Rounded Corners + Gold Foil Options

Glossy Lamination : Only Available with Rounded Corners

Rounded Corners : Available with all the options but "Not Laminated"

Sharp Corners : Available with all the options (Must be mentioned in Comments box when you press "Direct Checkout" or in "Design it"



  • Color Matching is not possible in this product.
  • Colors don't print exactly as you see on the mobile or computer screen display.
    • The edges of the cards will be white irrespective of the  front and back background colors (as the edges of the cards can't be printed and they will remain white)
    • The backside of the card will be white unless you specially ask for a 2 side print.
  • Avoid using borders in the artwork of these cards, borders don't print exactly in the middle
  • Can not be cut equally from all around (you may notice a deviation upto 0.5mm after cutting)
  • For SPOT UV: Any SPOT UV object must require a vector outline, small fonts are not suitable for SPOT UV, we can't do SPOT UV on the objects that touch the edges of the cards.
  • Any object if placed within 3mm distance from the edge, might get cut (kindly place all important data / logo / numbers min 4 mm inside from the edges)
  • Light colors (like Grey) or any Gradients of colors will show screen pattern dots and might not print very smooth. To achieve such effect kindly choose Pantone Print Technology.
  • The cards cannot be printed in fractions, the 1000 business cards apply to 1 set/design/name of business cards only
  • Kindly do not expect the same look & feel on reordering the same product.
  • Variation of Color among the cards might occur (All the cards might not look the same)
  • Finger 's / nail's marks might be visible on dark colored background due to matt / velvet lamination (less visible in velvet lamination)
  • These cards are Generic Cards (acceptable by 99% customers) but not recommended for customers with very high expectations.
  • This product comes under No refund / No return policy.
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