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Mettalic Button Badges 44mm (Pin/Magnet, Light Weight Metal Circular Badges)

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Product Code: BUTTON_BADGE#01
Mettalic Button Badges 44mm (Pin/Magnet, Light Weight Metal Circular Badges)
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Personalized Button Badges

  • 4 Color CMYK, Used for Team, Group, Unity Exhibition
  • Occasions, Staff, Schools etc.
  • The price includes badges apx. 1.75" Diameter
  • 4 Color CMYK Printing is Possible.
  • Attachable by pin at the back (PVC support). Front Hollow metal light weight material. 
  • Graphics covered with high quality transparent protection film.


Q) Can you match the exact color, I want?
A) Sorry, Digital printing has some limitations, colors can't be matched as per your requirements. Any special colors will be auto converted into CMYK and printed automatically. A gold shade may turn in yellow, or a teal shade (RGB) may get converted to light blue upon print. These are basic limiations of digital print, kindly do not place an order if these factors are very important to you.

Q) How perfect the print will be, What if I want the outcome with 100% perfection ?
A) Apologies, as this product is made manually, hence it is difficut to produce error-free results, kindly avoid placing the order if you have any such requirements as this product comes under no-refund, no-reprint policy.

Q) How close is your mockup to the actual print?
A) The mockup is just a graphical presentation of the idea, and can not be manifested 100% the same on the real Badges, size, placement, and look.

Q) Is there a way I can see one Badges, before you print all the quantity?
A) Yes, you can mention this in the comments box, our production team will show you one sample on whatsapp, before proceeding with the full production.

Q) My order is for variable data (each Badges - different artwork), how do I make sure that each design will print the way I am expecting?
A) We can show you just one Badges (any one design if you suggest) as first sample, rest all will be printed with the same settings. We are unable to show you each Badges after print and check if that matches your expectation because by the time you see the sample the Badges is already printed and a waste if you don't like it. Kindly avoide placing an order if you have any such requirements.

Q) What if I want a special design, do you still provide free design support?
A) Sorry, we don't have creative designers free support, only regular designs are made in this support.

Q) Can I have Golden Color Printed?
A) Sorry, any metallic color is not printed, only regular CMYK colors can be printed.

Q) Can I have the complete outer side printed (I mean edge to edge)?
A) Sorry, a 3-5 mm gap is mandatory at both the ends (top and bottom) in order to produce good results, kindly avoid placing the orders where your artwork is required to be printed by the top/bottom edges.

Q) Will all the Badgess look the same, if I place a quantity order?
A) Although the complete quantity is printed in one go, the color variation might be a possibility which is beyond our control. Kindly avoid placing the order if your requirement is 100% professional and very high end. Badgess are printed manually, hence we are unable to produce errorfree results, they are intended for fun events and activities.

Q) If I reorder the Badgess, will they print the same as before?
A) Sorry, This is Digital and manual print, the outcome depends upon many other natural factors as well like humidity, current temprature, new ink stock, machine, placement, etc.. and they might get printed by different staff members at different warehouse location, We can't guarantee of same print all the time on all the Badges.




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