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Personalized Golden Mug | Unique Coffee Mugs

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Product Code: Gold_mug
Personalized Golden Mug | Unique Coffee Mugs
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Works well for Calligraphy, Single Tone Photos etc..
The regular colors don't look the same (mixes with the golden and silver colors)
Available in 2 colors : Gold, Silver.
Printing Area : 20x9.5cm, Cylindrical flat surface (doesn't include handle).

Technical Limitation :
A very thin line around the graphic area (rectangular shape paper mark) might be visible due to technical limitation, though it is not very prominent, but might be a matter of concern for very high end requirements. 


FAQ's of this product

Q) Is the mug available in any other shape?
A) You have to search for another product, this product is only for cylindrical shape and 11oz.

Q) Can I have different color mug ?
A) You have to search for another product, this product is only for Golden mug.

Q) How is the delivery made, like Packing ?
A) They are delivered without individual boxes (default). Box Packing is available at AED 1 each seperately (A seperate order has to be placed for this at this link).

Q) Can you match the exact color, I want ?
A) Sorry, sublimation printing has some limitations, colors can't be matched as per your requirements.

Q) Is the Golden Mug same always?
A) No, the Golden Mug Coating or Texture may change as per the lot available,. Please consult with us before plalcing the order if that is very important to you.

Q) Does the print color change on Golden Mug?
A) Yes, the colors do change on this product, the colors are multiplied with the Golden color, hence the photos and logos will not show the exact colors of the digital images.

Q) Is there a way I can see one mug, before you print all the quantity ?
A) Yes, you can mention this in the comments box, our production team will show you one sample on whatsapp, before proceeding with the full production.

Q) What if I want a special design, do you still provide free design support ?
A) Sorry, we don't have creative designers free support, only regular designs are made in this support.

Q) Can the mug be printable all around / inside / on handle / at the bottom ?
A) Sorry, the mug can only be printed in the outer cylindrical part 1 inch away from both sides of the handle.

Q) Can I have Silver or any other Metallic Color Printed ?
A) Sorry, any metallic color is not printed, only regular CMYK colors can be printed.

Q) Can I have the mug in golden color even from inside.
A) Sorry, the mugs are white from inside (liquid storage area), and is not available in any other color.

Q) Can I have the complete outer side printed (I mean edge to edge)?
A) Sorry, 3-5 mm gap is mandatory at both the ends (top and bottom) in order to product good results, kinldy avoid placing the orders where your artwork is required to be printed by the top / bottom edges.

Q) How many images / photos can I Print on a mug (for Collage) ?
A) You can acommodate as many images as you want on a mug, the sizes of the photos might get compromized.

Q) Do you offer free design support for photo collage as well ?
A) Sorry, we don't offer Collage design support, as it takes a lot of time and many number of revisions from customer, kindly give us the ready artwork in case you want to print a photo collage on the mug.

Q) Are the mugs washable in machines?
A) Although none of our customers has raised any such complaints, but we don't have any such guarantee from the mug vendors, you can always try with a sample order, if that is very important to you.

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