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Mobile Phone Grips (Pop sockets)

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Product Code: PH_GRP#01_FK
Mobile Phone Grips (Pop sockets)
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Mobile Grips

Our multicolor UV-printed Pop Sockets are versatile mobile grips, perfect for giveaways and corporate branding. These trendy accessories not only enhance your phone's grip but also offer a canvas for vibrant, eye-catching designs. Elevate your brand's visibility with these stylish, functional, and customizable Pop Sockets.

FAQ - Read before ordering. Any conflicts related to below will not be applicable for refund or return

Q) Can I have a different color pop soket?
A) This product is only for white and black.

Q) How is the delivery made, like Packing?
A) They are delivered without individual packs (default). Normally packed in plastic wrap

Q) Can you match the exact color, I want?
A) Sorry, UV printing has some limitations, colors can't be matched as per your requirements. Even if you order for 50pcs, there are changes all may have small color diviation

Q) What are the UV printing limitations discussed above?
A) UV printing does not offer 100% perfection. Print Color will not be matches as per your design colors. All print will not be centre alligned perfectly due to small size of the object. In a batch, the allignment of every pc may differ in apx upto 2mm up or down or right or left. Hence it is difficut to produce error-free results, Please do not place the order if you have any such requirements as this product comes under no-refund, no-reprint policy. Any complaints related to Allignment and color matching cannot be dealt with.

Q) Is there a way I can see first, before you print all the quantity?
A) Yes, you can mention this in the comments box, our production team will show you one video sample on whatsapp, before proceeding with the full production.

Q) What if I want a special design, do you still provide free design support?

A) Sorry, we don't have creative designers free support, only regular designs are made in this support service.

Q) Can the grip be printable all around / inside / on handle / at the bottom?
A) Sorry, the grip can only be printed on the top area.

Q) Can I have Golden Color Printed?
A) Sorry, any metallic color is not printed, only regular CMYK colors can be printed in UV printing

Q) How close is your mockup to the actual print?
A) The mockup is just a graphical presentation of the idea, and can not be manifested 100% the same on the real product, size, placement, and look.

Q) If I reorder the product, will they print the same as before?
A) Sorry, This is UV and manual print, the outcome depends upon many other natural factors as well like humidity, current temprature, pressure, timing, place, etc.. and they might get printed by different staff members, We can't guarantee of same print all the time on all the mugs.

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