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Smart Business Cards | NFC Business Cards

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Product Code: MGK_LBL_ELE#02
Smart Business Cards | NFC Business Cards
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Price Includes Both Side Customization

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Smart cards for corporates/employees & fevery business proffesional.

Technical Details :

1. These cards will not work Non-NFC reading phones like older iPhones or any older brand phone with no NFC capability.

2. The card or chip must not be in direct contact with sunlight or any other heat source

3. Each card comes with unlimited taps

4. The data on the card can be edited at any time by the owner of the card. Please note, all data has to be entered by the user, due to user data privacy laws, we do not pre fill your data in the card

5. The base color of PVC card is white and the base color of Wooden card is (mustered type) wooden color.

6. Please provide your ready to print file in 86x54mm, we are unable to provide artwork / layout / design support for this product.


 Both Sides can be customized as per your design provided.


Sample contact file (upgraded version) that shows up after tapping the card in your phone, This is our licensed software (click  the link to check it)



  • Particular Color Matching according to the final design file is not possible in this product.
    • The edges of the cards may not remain pure white and you may notice an uneven spilled-over background colors if the background color is not white
    • The backside of the card will be the material's base color unless you opt for 2 side print.
  • The print machine of this product is only able to print normal CMYK colors and can't print Pantone, Fluorescent, Mettalic or any special colors.
  • Avoid using borders in the artwork of these cards as can not be cut equally from all around.
  • Any object if placed within 3mm distance from the edge, might get cut (kindly place all important data/logo/numbers min 4 mm inside from the edges)
  • Light colors (like Grey) or any Gradients of colors will show screen pattern dots and might not print very smooth.
  • Scratching may result in damage to the design on the card which is irreplaceable to us
  • The images of the product page are just for illustration purposes only, the actual product and software look observe changes periodically.
  • This product comes under the No refund / No return policy.
  • The free version of our Licensed Software is included by default, this comes with our brand name and ads. However, special requests for white labeling will come at an extra cost.
  • All technical limitations of standard NFC technology cards will apply



Q. What is the size and material of the physical card, are there any annual charges or any recurring fee?
A. 85x55mm (apx) like a credit card size and the material is also similar (High-quality durable PVC). No, there are no recurring charges, it is just a one-time payment and it is available for a lifetime (under normal circumstances), however, the Terms & Conditions are available at this link. for your reference.

Q. What if I want to edit the information in the future?
A. You will be having your own password-protected online dashboard, where you are able to change your personal details any number of times.

Q. Can I print a QR code that functions exactly the same way the NFC does?
A. Yes, in fact, we too advise that you should print the QR code of the same NFC profile link, doing this you will allow even the NON-NFC Mobile users to take advantage of your card.

Q. Can the card be printed with my own personal information?
A. Yes, we print the card with your company logo or any details which you want (excluding any banned or sensitive images, logos, or data by the UAE govt.)

Q. Are there any Print Limitations?
A. The print technique used is UV printing. Kindly avoid using solid color background to achieve the best prints on PVC. UV printing may leave print gaps which maybe only noticeable only if you look at the card closely if a large solid background is there in design. For engraving, avoid using thin fonts for the best engraving results on the wooden cards. For limitations for Engraving or UV printing, feel free to check google for more details.

Q. Technical limitation / Printing warnings:

A. Color matching is not possible in this product, the colors may look different if compared with digital / screen / pc / mobile view.

B. If you are printing a sample card for future bulk orders, print differences can arise due to separate times of print.

C. Kindly avoid printing borders as the borders may not print exactly in the middle and may show uneven width.

D. The background color may get spilled to the white edges if the background is printed right till the edges, this is a technical limitation (you may submit your file with a white background if this is a concern to you)


Printing in this product is provided free of cost, we do not offer any print support, refund, or complaints regarding this complimentary service.

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