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Stainless Steel Tumbler with Metal Straw - BORCULO

Product Code: BORCULO_IJ#02
Stainless Steel Tumbler with Metal Straw - BORCULO
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Borculo is a leakproof, double-walled stainless steel reusable coffee tumbler with a 5-hour hot and 15-hour cold storage capacity. Design from Scandinavia. A reusable straw and a straw cleaner are included. Packed in fashionable recyclable packaging with information about switching from single-use to reusable products. For brand awareness giveaways and promotional gifts, this is the perfect solution.

Borculo prevents drinks from spilling, the straw ensuring you drink comfortably on themove. A highly elegant Tumbler whose purchase triggers a contribution to ensuring safe water to someone in need.

Max Print Size: 100x25mm (Small Area), 355 Degrees (almost complete round)  with 10cms height can be also be printed at some extra cost.

Product Size: 8cm Dia x 17cms

Packing Details: 57x34x25cms; 30pcs/carton

Weight: 10.9kgs/carton

Technical Limitations:

Kindly note that if you want the bottles/tumblers to be printed in 355 Degrees and your logo is multicolor then you must opt for White bottles as other color bottles/tumblers may be suitable for Black or White color printing only.
355 Degrees + White Bottles : Multicolor
355 Degrees + Black Bottles : White color print only
355 Degrees + Other Color Bottles : Black or White color print only

Only CMYK color codes can be printed on this product (Metallic colors / Fluorescent  colors / Pantone colors / Special color can't be printed).

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